Training in the French Alps for professionals

The human body is a picture of the human soul

Each person has a unique nonverbal brand: all nonverbal expressions that belong to your default appearance and tell people exactly what to think of you. We express our nonverbal brand in person and on the phone, during meetings and long conversations, and even in our online profiles. And people listen and look. From the very first impression onwards.

But, does the impression you leave match with how you want to be seen? Maybe you are unaware that your nonverbal cues are not congruent with the warm and open manager you strive to be. Or, your lack of confidence makes people interrupt you, even though you are a competent expert. It might even be so, that your insecure body language prevents you from having impactful interactions.

During powerful exercises in a natural environment, we first focus on your authentic personal leadership qualities, which are the basis for your nonverbal brand. If you know what you belief in, what you stand for, and what you want to convey, you also know what you nonverbally want to communicate to others.

Subsequently, exercises show you how to achieve that others see you as you want to be seen, followed by science-based knowledge and skills. Topics such as first impressions, micro positives and negatives, nonverbal power and micro-expressions are discussed. We end the training by integrating all the acquired skills into your non-verbal brand. Because, changing the signals you send, directly influences what people think of you.

Why in outside in nature? Nature has proven to have positive effects on qualitative thinking. A soft focus is created with less activity in the prefrontal cortex which ensures that the brain can rest and recover. Because of this reflective mode, mental performance is increased, as is creative thinking. A perfect place to reflect on how to show the world the very best of yourself.

If you know your nonverbal brand and how to encode specific signals, you can purposeful focus on your nonverbal signals and ensure that you convey exactly what you intend to.

Postponed due to corona. Drop us a message if you are interested and we will keep you informed.
Chamonix, France
We will let you know soon! (including accommodation in self catering accommodation). Drop us a message if you are interested.