You say more than you think

The short masterclasses are designed for those who quickly want to gain nonverbal power on a certain topic. You can request these masterclasses individually, or In-company. The duration will be tailored to your goals.

Body Language in online meetings
Webinars, online meetings or other forms of online interactions are a crucial part of the modern workplace, presenting both benefits and challenges. What do I do with my hands? Which part of the screen should I look at? How do I make a great first impression? We provide you with a personal, fun and informative online masterclass where you will learn how to build trust and radiate confidence through your screen. You will also learn how to decode other people’s signals so you can adequately address them. Looking forward to meeting you!

“The online training has been a real eye opener for me. Ted is an enthusiastic and very skilled coach. She has the ability to link the theory directly to my behavior while being constructive, sharp and critical in a positive way. She gives you insights into how you are perceived on the screen and the importance of congruency between your verbal and nonverbal signals. I now have practical tools to work towards how I want to present myself and I am very aware of the things that require attention. Looking forward to putting them into practice!”
Danny Oostveen, Director De Goudse insurance solutions

A killer First Impression
Our first impression matters far more than we think and are made the moment someone first sees you. How do you look while sitting in the waiting room? When you walk into a conference room? When you hang up your coat in a cloakroom? First impressions might well be more important than that the story you have been practicing on! Learn which signals you can send in those important first seconds to ensure others see you as trustworthy, competent and warm.

Hi Ted, thank you so much for the fun and informative training! It was of great benefit to me for how I present myself online. Putting it into practice as we speak 👊🏻. Warm regards, until next time, Dorinda
Dorinda van Oosten, General Manager Specific Solutions

Reading Micro Expressions
A micro-expression is a brief, involuntary facial expression made when we feel an intense emotion. Faces are among the most important visual stimuli we perceive, informing us not only about a person’s identity, but also about their mood, intentions, age and direction of gaze. The ability to extract this information within a fraction of a second is important to be able to detect the true emotions of another person. Do you see fear during a job interview? Anger when you mention your price? You learn to identify these expressions and practice how to respond to them.