Personal Coaching

Based on your goals, a personal session is created to help you, for example, with pitching, job applications, authentic leadership, taking the right professional pictures, boosting your confidence, and improving your nonverbal appearance during (digital) meetings.

The coaching consists of a mixture of theory and practice to give you a thorough understanding of the impact of your non-verbal signals. In addition, you will receive a personal workbook as a guideline to increase your non-verbal power and to serve after the coaching sessions as a valuable reference.

Ted has changed my view of the world, my view of people and my view of myself. The way she communicated her information and coached me in my nonverbal communication, has had a lasting effect on my behavior. The combination of science and practice made me really understand why I had to change my own body language. She makes me feel that I can be myself and vulnerable in the sessions. I see Ted’s coaching as a gift for myself and I wish that for other people too.

Marlou Kuypers
Master Practitioner NLP
| Communication Consultant