Leuke Tweet van een deelnemer!

Ton Hendriks@ton_hendriks·Ontzettend leerzame cursus non-verbale communicatie gehad van @ToussaintTed#beyond-expression. #aanrader @ Lent, Netherlands https://instagram.com/p/B7W0NISnA-h/?igshid=1dp82fmx7k2o5

Training for Entrepreneurs

I was privileged to work with ten highly motivated entrepreneurs in a great setting to talk about the power of non-verbal communication! They are now aware of nonverbal signals to quickly gain trust from their clients and ways to ensure that all their communication is exactly as they intend it to be. After some practice, they acquired the nonverbal skills to come across as an authentic, warm and competent professional. Enjoyed their enthusiasm immensely!

Training Fysiochallenge

This year started off with a great body language training for a small group of enthusiastic physiotherapists @Fysiochallenge. We practiced nonverbal signals to build trust in their first impression and during conversations with patients. Essential skills as patients are expected to share personal information within a very short time and accept the physiotherapist in their intimate proxemics zone. Additionally, we addressed how to decode nonverbal signals of their patients to be better able to attend to their needs. Hilarious, meaningful and awkward moments while practicing these important life skills!