Incompany Training

Go Beyond the verbal, master the nonverbal

Beyond Expression transforms scientific knowledge from neurology and (evolutionary) psychology into interactive, challenging and effective training sessions. In a relaxed atmosphere, you gain insight into your own nonverbal signals (encoding) and learn to read others true emotions (decoding). The acquired skills are immediately applicable in your professional and social life.

All courses are tailored Incompany training sessions to ensure that the significant nonverbal communication for your organization is comprehensively addressed. Think of nonverbal cues for leadership positions, a teacher training, body language for video conferences, nonverbal power for business encounters or micro-positives in coaching sessions.

Within a few hours you will be provided with effective tools to enormously increase your capacity to manage your non-verbal behavior. I use this daily with all my clients and am astounded by the positive impact it has on my relationships with them. I would greatly recommend this for everyone!
Harrie Buijssen, Director of Centaurus career advice.