Research shows that people who show confident body language and are able to decode the nonverbal signals of others, are more successful in all aspects of their lives. For professionals working with people, nonverbal power is the key to success that hardly anyone talks about.

Students learn more when teachers use certain hand gestures. The service of a library scores higher with a light touch from the librarian at the checkout. The tone of a surgeon’s voice predicts how likely it is that he will be sued for malpractice. And the correct non-verbal signals at your first business meeting ensure that your counterpart immediately sees you as a warm and competent individual.

All human beings can discover their nonverbal power and apply it in professional contexts such as job interviews, presentations, leadership positions, coaching or negotiations. Beyond Expression helps professionals to fine tune their nonverbal communication in different ways.

Open Trainings

Beyond Expression translates scientific knowledge into interactive, challenging, effective, but most of all fun training sessions. We help you to become aware of your own nonverbal signals while you also learn to read the body language of others. The acquired skills are immediately applicable in your professional and social life.

Personal Coaching

Beyond Expression works with clients who want to increase their non-verbal impact to achieve their goals. When your body language is congruent with your words, you radiate authentic confidence which changes the way others see you. It increases your Emotional IQ and helps you to enhance your people skills.

Training Abroad

Do others see you the way you want to be seen? This 5-day training helps you to discover how you can present the very best of yourself while staying true to your authenticity. A science based nonverbal communication training in the beautiful surroundings of the French Alpes.