Body Language Expert

Body language Expert: A 2-day training into complex body language signals

This expert training is for everyone who wants to go beyond the basics and dive into more complex topics such as:

  • Vocal power: A confident voice is essential for an effective presence, especially on the phone or in presentations. Learn how to use your language, tone, volume, pace, syntax and cadence;
  • Micro expressions: A person’s face tells you a lot about his intentions. Micro-expressions are brief, involuntary facial expressions made when we feel an intense emotion. Being able to recognize these emotions helps improve your connection with others;
  • Lie detection: Different clusters of signals can tell you if the other person is not honest with you. Become skilled in a reliable method to uncover possible untruths.

Postponed due to Corona situation.
Check the website regularly for new dates.
Nijmegen, walking distance from the train station
9:30 – 16:30
650,- Euro, Excl. of VAT, incl. training materials, lunch and drinks

When booking the Fundamental and Expert training at the same time, we naturally provide you with a discount.