Body Language Fundamentals

Body language fundamentals: A 2-day training to decode nonverbal signals from head to toe

This training will give you the knowledge and skills needed to understand nonverbal communication. We go beyond the verbal and teach you how to decode the nonverbal message, from head to toe. The following topics are addressed:

  • Foundation: People are complex social creatures social creatures, who in their communication make abundant use of nonverbal cues. Why are non-verbal signals so important to us? Where do they originate from? Neuroscience and evolutionary psychology merge to enhance a deeper understanding of nonverbal communication;
  • A great first impression: Important trust indicators are addressed, essential for a first meeting in real life and online;
  • Nonverbal power: Insights and skills in nonverbal micro positives, which enhance your confidence and charisma, every time you meet;
  • Micro negatives:  Knowledge about and practice in decoding discomfort signals in others and yourself.

Postponed due to Corona situation. Only two places left!
Let us know if you are interested and we keep you informed.
Nijmegen, walking distance from the train station
9:30 – 16:30
650,- Euros, excl. of VAT, including training material, lunch and drinks

At the end of this course you will receive a certificate of completion.

When booking the Fundamental and Expert training at the same time, we naturally provide you with a discount.