Body Language Fundamentals

Body language fundamentals: A two-day training to excel in nonverbal communication

This training will give you the knowledge and skills needed to understand nonverbal communication and use it effectively in all your interactions. We go beyond the verbal and teach you how to decode the nonverbal message, from head to toe. The following topics are addressed:

  • Foundation: People are complex social creatures social creatures, who in their communication make abundant use of nonverbal cues. Why are nonverbal signals so important to us? Where do they originate from? Neuroscience and evolutionary psychology merge to enhance a deeper understanding of nonverbal communication;
  • A great first impression: We cannot stop people from making snap decisions and judgements about us based on our body language. Our brain is hard wired to do so in the first few seconds of a meeting. But we can learn to understand these signals and use them to our advantage. Important trust indicators are addressed, to show others that you are credible, competent and likable. Essential skills for a first meeting in real life and online;
  • Nonverbal power: Insights and skills in nonverbal micro positives, which enhance your confidence and charisma, every time you meet;
  • Micro negatives:  Knowledge about and practice in decoding discomfort signals in others and yourself.

    Results after this training
  • you have knowledge of the origin and importance of nonverbal communication and the ways it will help you to reach your goals in your social and professional life;
  • you know which nonverbal signals are important to boost credibility and likability and are able to use them effectively in presentations, conversations and negotiations;
  • you are aware of your own nonverbal expressions and are able to finetune them to radiate authentic confidence and leadership;
  • you can you accurately read the non-verbal signals of others and respond appropriately to create better relationships and build positive connections;
  • you excel in making a competent and warm first impression, every time you meet;

This training is for curious professionals who want to excel in their nonverbal presence by becoming aware of the signals they send to others and make these signals work in their favor. Beside this, you are interested to know what the body language of others tells you, so you can address the emotions and intentions that you detect from their non-verbal signals. Everyone who interacts with people will benefit from this training.

17th and 18th of March 2021
Boxmeer, walking distance from the train station
9:30 – 16:30
650,- Euros, excl. of VAT, including training material, lunch and drinks
– Training materials;
– Lunch and drinks;
– Overview of the most common nonverbal signals which help you to analyse behavior after the training;
– Access to the Beyond Expression Community where you can ask questions and get access to interesting body language information;
– A personal feedback moment one month after the training to discuss any personal questions and nonverbal challenges you have encountered after the training.
At the end of this course you will receive a certificate of completion.

When booking the Fundamental and Expert training at the same time, we naturally provide you with a discount.