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Body language signals are subtle.
But the message they send is loud and clear.
We go beyond your verbal expression and show you the powerful impact of your nonverbal signals.

Beyond Expression specializes in nonverbal communication and human behavior
and helps ambitious and curious professionals to fine-tune their own nonverbal expressions and decode those of others accurately.

It makes you more successful, charismatic, authentic and confident in your social and professional life.

Learn to see what others don’t say

Most popular services

Nonverbal impact on video calls
Discover how your nonverbal signals can make a difference in all your online interactions. Connect with others through your screen.

Nonverbal Intelligence Training
A two-day course to help you excel in your own body language while being able to accurately decode the nonverbal signals of others.

Decode yourself
Do your nonverbal signals underline or sabotage what you are saying? This online training makes you aware of the messages your body is sending to others.

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