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Learn to see what others don’t say

TRAINING for all professionals working online: Nonverbal impact on your screen.
Discover how your nonverbal signals can make a difference in all your online interactions.

“Taking an online Body Language coaching session with Ted Toussaint was a fantastic way to boost my nonverbal impact through the screen. I can be more articulate, convincing and efficient in online meetings by paying attention to how I behave and react to other people’s body language.”
Kirsti Lehtimaki, Senior UX Designer and Strategist

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Body language Fundamental Training:
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A two-day course to help you excel in your own body language while being able to accurately decode the nonverbal signals of others.

This well designed training will provide you with effective tools to enormously increase your capacity to manage your nonverbal behavior. I use this daily with all my clients and am astounded by the positive impact it has on my relationships with them. I would greatly recommend this for everyone!
Harrie Buijssen, Director of Centaurus career advice

Beyond Expression

Nonverbal Impact
Every single person has a unique nonverbal brand; all your nonverbal expressions that tell people exactly what to think of you. You portray this brand in person, on the phone, and even in your online profile. And people listen. With their ears and eyes. From the very first impression onwards.

Ensure all your communication is exactly what you intend it to be.
Your gestures, body posture, and facial expressions are far more important than you might think. Before you speak a single word, others have determined how credible, confident and trustworthy you are. And when your words and body language don’t match, people believe what they see, not what they hear. 

Decode the true emotions people send you.
Emotions and intentions leak through as nonverbal signals. Your ability to read the nonverbal communication of others accurately is the foundation for building great relationships. An essential skill in your personal and professional life.

Beyond Expression wants to contribute to a world where everyone feels confident about their nonverbal brand and are able to present the very best of themselves. We specialize in nonverbal communication and human behavior and help professionals to fine-tune their nonverbal expressions and interpret those of others accurately.

It is the key to success that no-one talks about.

In our international science-based training, we go beyond verbal expressions and unlock your full communication potential.

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Live LinkedIn interview with Emmy award winning reporter Jessica Cheng.
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Training for enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

Socks?!? Yes, socks!! The Body Language Masterclass for the Ministry of Infrastructure (Rijkswaterstaat) was full of wiggling toes in colorful socks. A great metaphor for walking towards new insights and perspectives to immensely increase their online presence.

About us

Ted and Eva, our experts in nonverbal communication and human behavior, are certified body language trainers. They maintain close relationships with the Human Behavior Research lab of the Science of People, and other international trainers within this organization. This provides them with the most up-to-date knowledge of nonverbal communication and they are thrilled to share this with you!

Ted Toussaint. Non-verbal communication expert. Body language trainer. Behavioral Scientist

Ted Toussaint

Behavioral Scientist and Body Language Expert

Eva Vissers

Senior Manager and Body Language Expert


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